Did You Know?

Turtle Park was last renovated over 20 years ago!

"More than 20 years ago I was co-chair of the 'Friends of Turtle Park' committee that designed, fundraised, and installed the current playground at Turtle Park, a much loved gathering site for families in the heart of the Village.


Now, a new generation of parents has come together to bring a fresh vision to the park and replace the aging equipment with a creative and well-designed selection of play structures for toddlers and their older siblings.


My three daughters, now all in their 20’s, love the look of this nature-inspired equipment in the current plan.


I’m delighted to support this effort to revitalize Turtle Park for a new generation of neighborhood children."


-Philippa Wharton


The Virginia A. McGuire Foundation

Morris S. & Florence H. Bender Foundation Inc.

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